Top 7 Haute Couture Collections

If things have been hard for you in the shopping then you can lean on us to make the things right for you with our latest collection. We’ll help you pick the latest and fabulous collections.

As you know, FHChristensen is all about fashion. So we would like to share with you the Top 7 Haute Couture Collections from the Fashion World.

  1. Moonstone Glare

The collection was amazing  and  Made of the finest materials, this evening gown is very minimalistic. Perfect for any special occasion and very sophisticated. The sweetheart neckline adds all the romance to the dress.. We doesn’t take risks and plays safe all the time. It is the only way We plays. So, obviously, for us, Moonstone Glare is the No.1 Couture Collection.

  1. Bow Chic

The collection was stunning and the show was incredible.All the items were so eye catchy. A collection for every women. This burgundy design has been featured in our blog section on our website as one of the collection’s favourites. This dress is pure elegance and perfect for any occasion of the year.

  1. The Royal

When you think of couture you have the image of The Royal collection in your mind. The collection was an ode to the dresses that couture should be… Allow us to introduce the star of the collection. This off-shoulder design will make you feel like a Royal. With the front of the design being shorter, it allows to showcase some beautiful golden heels…and dreaming and dreaming…

  1. Twilight Glow

In the event that you had in your arrangements to meet the Queen, presently you have the dress! But be careful because you need a proper attitude for a Twilight dress… This gown is the only black one in the collection since it is called ‘Rainbow’. That did not stop Farzaneh from creating the most beautiful black dress she could and using special beading and the finest materials.

  1. White Wonders

This collection was unbelievable. Something really futuristic, but so touchable. The dresses seemed alive. Unadulterated class is the most ideal way to portray this stunning wedding dress. Made of the finest silk this dress is minimal, sophisticated and overall beautiful for the perfect day.

  1. Finding Fairytales

Creating a happily ever after is never easy – only with this evening gown. Achieve your most dreamy look with this baby blue dress… And what we really loved about this collection is the coral elements, the exotic specimens from nature, the archeological motifs and the royal-virginal touch.. And take a close look at the bags. Amazing pieces of art! We love them!

  1. The Mineral off-shoulder

We are in love with this couture queen. We loved her last couture collection, but this one is even better. The mineral tones are shining through under the golden flowers. This elegant design shows creativity, femininity and luxury all in once. The extra material on the shoulder makes the dress even more interesting. The collection is a masterpiece  and we cannot wait to see the next one!

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