Must-have transitional fashion items

must-have transitional fashion items

Most fashion items that are in stores and online at the moment are bound to one season whether this is summer or autumn. In this week’s post we will share FHC’s top transitional items along with fashion must haves to survive the change from summer to autumn.

Recently we have heard many people day that they want to spice up their style and try some new items that they would not usually go for. Whenever we are asked for styling tips we always share the following basic advice first; build your wardrobe from a basic staple piece collection.

This means starting off by investing in items that are going to last and that are going to be worn on multiple occasions. These include mostly monochrome items such as a black blazer, black heels, a white blouse and shirt, a little black dress etc. and a good pair of jeans.

I think some items can be added to this list and some can be left out but I have never heard anyone argue about the little black dress. That one has come so far.

Which leads us to the next point, all of FHC’s must have transitional items.

  1. The little black dress 
  2. The stunning black blazer (with hints of turquoise)
  3. Blossom trench coat 
  4. La Dame Parisienne skirt
  5. Zizi mini dress 

These items have been designed by Farzaneh awhile ago and are all in our main collections. The reason for this is that they are suitable all year round and can be worn any time.