Get ready to sparkle

And here we are – less than ten days to Christmas. Doesn’t time fly? Especially in this festive season– the season of endless to-do lists and Christmas-shopping lists that never seem to get any shorter, no matter how many items you tick off. If only we could take a break, sit back…gaze at the stars perhaps? Not many stars are visible over London, though. Well then, let’s take a look at the Mirror Mirror dress instead. For it really is like looking at the most magnificent display of heavenly bodies.

The fine French silk and taffeta are sapphire blue, the most wonderful shade of the sky at dusk. The opulent gold embroidery, with its motif of circular and floral patterns, is like a display of far-off galaxies brought to life by the delicate movement of the sheer organza and silk layers.

The cut of this dress is at once regal and sensual, with full-volume bell sleeves, a classic ball-gown silhouette cut short at the front to display the legs, and a plunging neckline which adds dynamism to the dress and mirrors the patterns of the pleated, double-layer skirt. Yes, this dress is a feast to the eyes.

But back to reality. Late December isn’t just about Christmas. Are you ready for New Year’s Eve? Now here’s a time when we can truly shine. The Sheer Elegance collection is perfect for a night like this.

More casual than collections such as Rainbow or Illuminance, it contains tops and bottoms that dazzle onlookers with their rich Swarovski crystals and embroidery. The Sheer Elegance Trousers areone of our favourite New Year’s Eve options – a playful marriage of a casual garment with elaborate, evening-style embellishments in a fresh aqua green.

But if little black dresses are more you, take a look at Attraction – a collection of cheeky yet elegant mini dresses that will let you really show off those legs.

Ah, we could go on…but it’s probably best to stop here and let you browse through the dresses yourself. And as soon as you’ve found the perfect look, pop in for a measurement and let us prepare your tailor-made dress while you get ready to sparkle.

Pauline Rafal