Fashion Scout x FH Christensen 2018

fashion show 2018 | FH Christensen | Fashion Scout

On Sunday September 16, FH Christensen hosted its first show at London Fashion Week hosted by Fashion Scout.

The Rainbow collection looked good in the editorial photos, but it truly came to life during this fashion show.

The show opened with ”Another Mimosa”, an eye-catcher of the collection with its light feathers and blush pink colour. The entire blush collection followed shortly after this which looked inspiring for SS19. All the tones complemented each other and with the finishing touches of the embellishment it turned into a magical show.

Also shown on the catwalk were the classic ”Spring Blossom Coat” and pieces of the sheer elegance collection which has been a favourite part of FHC since all time by our dearest customers. The show ended spectacularly with a beautiful bride wearing our ”White Wonders” wedding dress.

We are so grateful to everyone that made this a possibility.

The show was a success and everything that we would have hoped it would be. Our Rainbow Collection truly came to life thanks to all the amazing models walking for us and presenting the garments beautifully.