All I Want For Christmas…

“All I want for Christmas…is that F. H. Christensen dress.”

But which one? With such a wide range of haute-couture pieces it may be a challenge to decide. Well, let us make some suggestions.

It’s December. The days are shorter, the wind is colder. We’re all dreaming of a white Christmas. That’s the perfect setting for a gown that glistens like frosty snow and that brings to mind the most enchanting adventures – a dress fit for the Queen of Snow. A dress from our White Swans collection.

With beautiful, sheer organza, fine French silks in a delicate, pastel palette, intricate hand-made embroidery, and Swarovski crystals, this collection matches the season to perfection.

But what if winter just isn’t your thing? What if you’re already dreaming of milder weather and buds on the trees? You can bring the promise of spring to every winter ball with a dress from the Rainbow collection. Our favourite for a touch of colour to brighten up the season is Captivating Coral – its succulent, yet delicate colour is brought to life by elaborate, gold embellishments, and the cascading layers of organza look like rose petals on a flower that’s just about to bloom.

Or maybe you’d like to add an exotic touch from a region that isn’t complaining of freezing winds, even in early December? Why not enrich the Christmas party with the Bollywood Red gown – now this one is a real show-stopper. With bright red-and-gold flowers adorning every inch of the dress, you will definitely be the star of the evening.

No matter which of the dresses you choose, remember – all of these pieces are made to measure. They ensure not only a perfect look, but also a perfect fit. With all the fabrics being of the highest quality, and all the embellishments being hand-crafted with stunning precision, there’s even more to these dresses than meets the eye.

So grab some mulled wine, take a break from your Christmas shopping, and come in to our studio for a measurement and consultation. The final stretch of the year may also be the busiest one, so take a moment to breath and relax in our warm and welcoming space.

Pauline Rafal