about designer farzaneh

About our manufacture

FHC manufactures everything in London, at the prestigious Sampling Unit Ltd, a sustainable and ethical studio providing premium high-end services.

About our brand

Farzaneh H Christensen believes that fashion should represent and promote positive messages. Therefore, sustainability and ethics arecontroversial speeches at the base of our brand.

FHC designs and manufactures everything in London. All the textiles used are premium quality fabrics sourced throughout Europe, in particular from France and Italy. Quality, fair trade and environmental practices are the trademarks of our brand.

Farzaneh H Christensen aspires to a fashion design which brings a positive impact on people and the planet.

These are the FHC women.

About our designer

‘I design for women who want to be attractive,
feminine, and special.


Drawing on her Eastern roots and Western career, Farzaneh H Christensen designs cocktail and evening wear that mixes exotic lavishness with eleganchiefessays.nett professionalism. Her creations are unparalleled in their intricate details, stunning hand embellishments, and finest quality fabrics—each of them is a work of art, beautifully designed and perfectly tailored.

Fashion was an important part of Farzaneh’s life from an early age. She spent her childhood in her mother’s—a famous Iranian fashion designer’s—workshop, playing with fabrics, learning important skills, and observing her mother and the team of seamstresses at work. This planted a desire to discover more about the industry. Her move to Paris at the age of 25, work experience at Yves Saint Laurent, and  finally MA at London College of Fashion, were all building blocks for the FHCHRISTENSEN brand.

Farzaneh presented her first collection at a private fashion show in October 2001 at the Dorchester Hotel, and since then the brand has been growing. ‘After nearly 20 years, we are like a family’, says Farzaneh of her team, and the same could be said of her dedicated clients—women whose search for one-of-a-kind pieces and personal approach constantly brings them back to Farzaneh’s studio.